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The fire is lit.
The flames getting higher.
Here I sit
And long for my desire

You look so adrett,
You look so nice,
And sit on my lap
While the fire is melting the ice.

Legs cling around me,
I feel the heat.
Like stars in the sky,
Dark eyes shining bright.

Just like we are
We feel like a star.
A whisper, a kiss
That’s what we miss.

Not just the fire
Make us fly higher
A breeze of your lips,
Skin under our fingertips

Tongue taste each other;
Breaths mixing up;
Discover, uncover
Closer and closer.

Hearts are beating.
Higher and higher,
Feeling desire,
While we dance at the fire.

Fire tongues licking higher than high
The going up – close to the sky.
Get hotter and hotter.
The world is in flame,
When playing this game.

Our bodies are moving
As they where just one.
Share motions, emotions.
Share all that we can.

Rhythm makes us feel light –
Then a smile and a sigh.

Skin close to skin
And a kiss at your rosy-red chin.
It’s handsome, it’s cozy
The time should stand still

The log is now burned down
Flames getting less.
Relax and the smiling goes on,
My beautiful princess.

You look in my eyes,
So long and so wild.
And I look in yours –
And can see an unborn child.

She’s glooming and blooming;
A tiny copy of you.
So cute and so pretty,
You all make me happy.

We sit there and dance
Hope that night never ends.
And we know, there is much more,
Than just being friends. 

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